Q: Where does my money go?

A: All revenue generated from the store will be put directly back into funding for the server.

Q: What is buyable priority join?

A: Buyable priority join is a new feature added to our store, meaning you can purchase priority join for a limited amount of months, without having to purchase a rank that includes priority join.

Q: What are buyable tags?

A: Buyable tags are suffixes in the in game chat, that are shown after your name for some cool server bling!

Q: So I am still a patreon what happens next?

A: If you are still a current patreon supporter, You may cancel your subscription, or you can stay with patreon until I close it down manually. Most of you already know about the cool perks you got
for still being a patreon, but if you would like maybe even more perks, Stay a patreon for this month and maybe you'll get another special perk 

Q: What's the difference between one-time (lifetime) and subscription?

A: Our subscription based supporters will receive a few extra rewards, which you can view here: https://bit.ly/2wAS92H
This link is a document that shows all of the vehicles/peds for each donation rank, and a clickable picture of each vehicle/ped. All of the perks that are for *subscription supporters only* are marked next to it. To clarify, the *lifetime* rank price is based on its monthly price times 12. **The lifetime rank is a one-time purchase**